HipHop Youth &


Primarily a movement of determination through a wide array of dance forms and styles.

Majorette HipHop> Ages 8 to 30yrs old

Wings of Praise (WOP)>

Class offered - 10yrs and up -Liturgical praise team, that uses all forms of dance that responds to the appropriate dance for worship.

(Audition Only)


Rollee Pollee- Baby tumbling

Beginners - intermediate


Beginners - Intermediate

DANCE for Toddlers and More in Columbus, Ohio

‚ÄčAges 18mths and up...

Modern Dance>

Class offered 8yrs and up - An expression of the soul. Grounded, low movement that allows one to interpret dance in its own way. 

Out of 182 dance studios reviewed, CDance was selected in the top 19 studios for Ballet teaching. Please visit:


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The core and structure of dance...

Classes offered - Baby Ballet (18mths)

to professional pointe